Why Was My Claim Denied?

If you filed a homeowners insurance claim that was denied, there are many causes for that denial. No matter why the insurance company denied your claim, it is certainly frustrating. Your home needs to be repaired and the money just isn’t there to make those necessary repairs. Do you have any options when florida insurance claims are denied? Of course you do!

Speak to an attorney if your claim is denied. An attorney can help you better understand the reason for the denial and help you file an appeal. When you file an appeal there is a good chance that you will win the claim and receive the money from the insurance company that you’re entitled to. It is a sweet day when victory is achieved and that is easy to do with an attorney on your side.

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Some of the most common reasons that a homeowners insurance claim is denied include:

·    You did not file the claim on time. It is important that you file the insurance claim as quickly as possible after the damage occurs. There are time limits in place to file a claim and a denial result if you pass that time.

·    The paperwork was incorrectly completed. There is a mound of paperwork to complete to file an insurance claim. One wrong mistake could cost you considerably. Don’t let that happen!

·    Did you provide enough documentation of the damage that your home or property received? Proper documentation is important and it is likely that your claim is denied if you fail to provide sufficient evidence of damage.

·    Your claim falls into an exclusion category. Read over your policy well. Every policy includes exclusions that it will not cover. If the damage falls into one of these categories, your claim may be denied.