11 Signs it’s Time to Get a Divorce

It may not be the ideal way to handle your marriage, but sometimes divorce is the only answer when you simply aren’t seeing eye to eye with your spouse. Many signs indicate the time to get a divorce has come in your relationship. It is important that you do not ignore those signs. Take a look at the top 11 signs that indicate it is time to get a divorce.

1.    Your spouse doesn’t meet your need, mentally, physically, or emotionally.

2.    The person that you married is not the person in front of you. People change in time and sometimes in the process they grow apart.

3.    You think about being with another person. Infidelity is never okay in a relationship.

4.    You are not happy and find yourself more miserable than you are happy.

5.    You want to call the divorce lawyer Hernando County FL and have thought about making the call on more than one occasion.

6.    The kids are the only thing keeping the relationship together. It’s never a good idea to stay together for the kids.

7.    If there is any type of abuse in the relationship it is time to get divorced. Abuse in any form or fashion is never okay.

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8.    You’ve tried to resolve your issues to no avail. When counseling, therapy, and all of the trying in the world don’t resolve the marital issues, why stay together any longer?

9.    There is no trust in the marriage. Without trust you do not have any basis for a relationship or a marriage.

10.  You envision your life without your partner included in those pictures that you see.

11.  You are in the marriage only because you fear what other people will think, due to religious beliefs, etc. It is never a good idea to stay in a marriage that you no longer value.