What is a Legal Separation?

When couples have marital problems, they may not want to rush into a divorce for a number of reasons. A legal separation is something you may want to consider if you no longer want to live with your spouse, but aren’t sure if you are ready to file for a divorce. If you are looking for advice when it comes to divorce & legal separation, contact a legal services company and they can help guide you in the right direction.

Health Care and Insurance Benefits

Health care and insurance are very expensive and some people would prefer to legally stay married so that they are able to continue with their same coverage and health benefits. One spouse may not have access to insurance or health care benefits without the other spouse. If the couple doesn’t wish to remain living together, a legal separation may be their best option.

Tax and Government Benefits

By being legally married, couples have more income tax benefits they can take advantage of each year when filing income taxes. Also, if a couple has been married longer than 10 years, they may become eligible to qualify to receive part of each other’s government benefits such as social security. This is another reason a couple may choose to file for a legal separation.

There May Be a Chance to Reconcile

divorce & legal separation

Sometimes spouses just need some time apart to work out their marital problems. A couple may not be sure if they want a divorce, but while they take time to think about it and assess the situation, they can file for a legal separation so that the children still have visitation rights and so that one parent can’t keep the children from the other parent. It’s possible that after some time apart, spouses realize how much they love and need each other and they don’t want to follow through with a divorce. However, it’s also possible that they do end up filing for a divorce.