8 Signs it is Time to Call a Divorce Attorney

Is it time to end your marriage? That option is one that most couples do not want to take, but sometimes it is the best thing to do. There are many signs that indicate the need to call an attorney to start divorce proceedings. Do not ignore these signs, which include the eight below.

1.    You have the number of the divorce attorney Tampa programmed in your phone and have thought about calling it on more than one occasion.

2.    The relationship is abusive. Whether it is physical, mental, financial or other type of abuse, it is never okay. Leave this marriage at once.

3.    The only thing that keeps you together is the kids. Some people think that staying together for the kids is a good idea, but it is the worst.

4.    You’ve been spending time with someone else and have a romantic interest in this person.

5.    The relationship is unhappy and you oftentimes find yourself depressed or wishing that you had more to do.

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6.    The love is gone and you have no interest in rekindling it. Sometimes it happens despite our best efforts.

7.    Are you on different mental levels of your spouse? If you do not see eye to eye on most issues, it is safe to say the time to separate has come.

8.    You simply no longer desire to be with your partner. Love can fade and feelings can change. It is best to be honest with yourself and your partner than it is to live a lie.

There are many signs that suggest a divorce is inevitable, including the eight above. Do not ignore the signs and make that call when the marriage has come to an end. There is no reason to stay together and prolong the inevitable. You only waste time as the result.